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Susan and Pete have been married for over 20 years. Both hail from military families and now call Central Florida their home.

Susan graduated from USC, taught in both public and private schools and later managed the Orlando office of a Boston-based experiential education company. They have one son, Matt, who is currently studying business in college.

Both Susan and Matt have been involved with helping Pete grow the family business, lending a hand wherever needed, from washing buckets to assisting customers and working in the office.

When not working, you can probably find Pete on his beloved sailboat, looking for a good downwind tack.

The Owens Family
The Owens Distributors Team
John Simmons – Operations Manager

John Simmons – Operations Manager

John oversees all the day-to-day operations, especially in our service department. A former catering client, John came on board with us in 2001 as a Route Specialist.

His unwavering determination to provide quality customer service and his ability to resolve all issues makes John a winner in our eyes.

Melanie Arbogast – Office Manager

Melanie Arbogast – Office Manager

Nicknamed "WildFire Mel" after her Annie Oakley-style barrel racing and her love of horses!

Melanie, who has been with us since 2006, uses her razor sharp memory and strong accounting skills to run our office with patience, efficiency and a touch of humor.

Milton Kingsley – Equipment Specialist

Milton Kingsley – Equipment Specialist

Every company needs that one person who can do it all. Milton is that guy. He welds, refurbishes rental equipment, handles our parts inventory, and oversees service on all our company trucks.

Milton is the ultimate problem solver – and a military veteran. We may never allow him to retire!

Christina Ward – Assistant Administrator

Christina Ward – Assistant Administrator

Christina is the pleasant voice that initially greets your incoming call. She is an organized and disciplined dynamo in the office and a super mom!

When you need service now, Christina pinpoints the closest driver to give you the fastest response to your needs.

Your Route Specialists

Your Route Specialists

Meet the men who keep your dish-pit and laundry facilities running smoothly.

Great men with the best work ethics – this is what makes Owens Distributors the best independent, full-service chemical company!

Scott Schrager – Equipment Installer and Technician

Scott Schrager– Equipment Installer and Technician

Scott is a true “Jack of all Trades”, bringing an enthusiastic can-do spirit, a fun sense of humor and years of experience for all your install needs! Scott also possesses impressive time management skills, staying involved with his two sons’ lacrosse and football teams and playing baseball in his spare time. We are glad to have him on our team!
Donna Bryant and Chris McGarry – Warehouse Production Team

Warehouse Production Team

Meet the folks who facilitate the chemical products side of the business, as well as handle all incoming and outgoing shipments!
I have used Owens Distributors on a continuous basis for over 20 years when Pete installed and serviced my dishmachine. I have been approached many times during that period, but never changed suppliers. Fast service and good quality with fair pricing – I have recommended Pete's services many times and still do!

– Chef Jeff, Owner, Catered by "Patti Caces"

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